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Marietheres Wagner

Author, Director, Lecturer


Marietheres Wagner is a graduate of the University of Television and Film Munich. Her debut feature film (as screenwriter and director), Die Nacht des Marders won a German Film Award and a Bavarian Film Award in 1990, and was presented at international festivals such as, among others, the Cannes Film Festival, the Montreal Film Festival, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. From 1992 to 1998 she directed numerous television films, among others the ZDF children’s series Clara and the RTL TV movie series Weihnachten mit Willy Wuff and its four sequels, which reached a viewership of up to eight million households.


Following an intensive period of work as a director, in 2000 she turned her focus to writing and developing her own materials. Her children’s book Der einzigartige Herr Murkelmock was published in 2001 by the Goldfisch-Verlag Zürich, and adapted into an audiobook in 2008 by Radioropa. Marietheres Wagner also works as a university lecturer, and has taught at the University of Television and Film Munich from 2000 to 2006, at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg as a guest lecturer, and, predomnantly since 2007, at the University of Passau. There, she completed the Masters program Semiotics of Text and Culture to advance her theoretical education, and received a doctorate for her thesis on film dramaturgy 2013.  


Film dramaturgy is also the subject of her book Prinzip Hollywood. Wie Dramaturgie unser Denken bestimmt, which was published by the Midas Verlag Zürich in 2014. She is a member of various film committees and juries, amongst others the Jury Deutscher Drehbuchpreis 2016/17.

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